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    Foto: Oktay Bagci

    FROZEN SILK – that’s hot and powerful power rock from Bremerhaven, which is its personal genre defined in a thrilling mixture of catchy pop elements and grooving heavy hard rock! This impressive stylistic variety is supported by the characteristic voice of the front woman Sharon Wynne, who captures the full range of deep emotions with her expressive singing, from pure energy and willpower to deep melancholic abysses, brought to life.


    Sharon Wynne – Vocals

    Christian Schmutzer – Drums

    Christian Juschkat

    Christian Juschkat – Bass

    Normel Müdeking – Guitar


    Get our latest album! (Release in January 2021)

    EP „Human Needs“ (Release in December 2013)

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    Your game – live at Rock am Fleeth Bremerhaven

    Back to life – official video

    Because of her – official video

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    PlayDivision is an independent label from Bremerhaven, which mainly contracts bands from the region.

    Goldberger Straße 1
    27580 Bremerhaven

    +49 471 41881680


    Rock Cyclus Bremerhaven e. V.

    Thorben Hofmann Photography


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    Shows in the past

    Aug / 2023Obervielander Open Air
    Aug / 2023Rocknacht in Hambergen
    Jul / 2023Straßenfest Alte Bürger in Bremerhaven
    Oct / 2022Lange Bandnacht Bremerhaven (Kapovaz)
    Mar / 2022Konzert für die Ukraine (Stadthalle Bremerhaven)
    Aug / 2021Überseefestival Bremerhaven
    Sept / 2021Rock am Fleeth Bremerhaven
    Jun / 2020Open Air - Kultur im Auto auf dem Freigelände Stadthalle Bremerhaven
    Feb / 2020Kuddels Musikkneipe Bremerhaven
    Feb / 2020Cafe de Fietz
    Jul / 2019Open Air - Farmers Fete
    Jun / 2019Open Air - Begegnung der Kulturen im DIALOG Verein für gleiche Rechte e. V.
    May / 2019Oxmox Viertelfinale im Drafthouse Hamburg
    Mar / 2019Lange Nacht der Kultur im Kapovaz
    Aug / 2018Rock Night am Silbersee
    Oct / 2017Jubi40 Haus der Jugend Bremerhaven
    Sep / 2017United we stand Festival Haus der Jugend Bremerhaven
    Jul / 2017Deichbrand Open Air Festival Cuxhaven
    Jun / 2017SPH-Stadtfinale Bremen Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus Bremen
    Jun / 2017Rock am Fleeth Open Air Festival Open Air Gelände Rock Cyclus
    Apr / 2017Deichbrand Wettbewerb Druckhaus NZ Bremerhaven
    Feb / 2017SPH-Vorrunde Bremen Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus Bremen
    Nov / 201620 Jahre Bandwettbewerb Lehe Treff Bremerhaven
    Oct / 2016Kultur hinter Gittern JVA Vechta
    Aug / 2016Rock den Deich - Open Air Schwanewede
    May / 2016Emergenza Finale Markthalle Hamburg
    May / 2016Emergenza Semifinale Knust Hamburg
    Feb / 2016Emergenza Logo Hamburg
    Jul / 2015Farmers Fete - Open Air Padingbüttel Altendeich
    Jul / 2015Support für "Stahlzeit" - Open Air Stadthalle Bremerhaven
    Jul / 2015Rock For Animal Rights - Open Air Sandstedt
    Mar / 2015Lange Bandnacht Alte Bürger Kapovaz - Bremerhaven
    Mar / 2015Kultur hinter Gittern JVA Bremervörde
    Oct / 2014Rock Cylcus Bühne/40. Jubi Stadth. Stadthalle Bremerhaven
    Aug / 2014Bikes, Music & More Vol. 5 BM&M - Delmenhorst
    Aug / 2014MFB 35. Jahresparty Motorradfreunde Bremerhaven
    Jul / 2014Alley Cat London
    Jul / 2014YouTube London
    Jul / 2014Farmers Fete Padingbüttel
    May / 2014Rock im Read Thomas Read - Hamburg
    Apr / 2014Rock in den Mai Motorradfreunde Bremerhaven
    Oct / 2013Fishtown on Fire (F·O·F) Haus der Jugend - Bremerhaven
    Jul / 2013LIVE IN BREMEN goes BREMINALE - Spezialausgabe! Breminale - Bremen
    Jul / 2013Rockcenter Festival Rockcenter - Bremerhaven
    May / 2013NIG-Rock Festival NIG - Bad Bederkesa
    May / 2013Emergenza KNUST - Hamburg
    Mar / 2013Weltfrauentag Kapovaz - Bremerhaven
    Feb / 2013HeißKalt Rockcenter -Bremerhaven
    Jan / 2013Emergenza LOGO - Hamburg
    Dec / 2012Northern Metal Night before Xmas Haus Der Jugend - Bremerhaven
    Oct / 20126. ROCK'N ROLAND Meisenfrei - Bremen
    Jun / 2012Straßenfest Alte Bürger Alte Bürger - Bremerhaven
    Jun / 2012NIG-Rock Festival NIG - Bad Bederkesa
    Jun / 2012Rockcyclus Deichbühne Havenwelten - Bremerhaven
    Mar / 2012Keep on Rocking Lehe-Treff - Bremerhaven
    Mar / 2012Lange Bandnacht Yesterday - Bremerhaven
    Feb / 2012Morbid Tales - CD Release Stadthalle Bremerhaven
    Dec / 2011Rock at Karlsburg Hochschule Bremerhaven/Mensa
    Oct / 2011Das Rockt MZH Heerstedt
    Sep / 2011Back Again Rock Center - Bremerhaven

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